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It is that time of year again.  My team the Fargo Warriors raise donations and awareness for St. Jude Children's Hospital. This will be my 4th year running the Warrior Dash and 3rd year as a St. Jude Warrior. My friends and I have raised over $3000 in last couple years and would like to hit a new record this year. We appreciate any help. Thank you. 

The run was on July 11th, and the Fargo Warriors raised just about $2000.  Thank you to all for your support.  This is a great cause that we are proud to be part of.

Fargo Warriors 2014

In March Hope Inc set up a sled hockey tournament to raise awareness and funds to send the Hope Hurricanes to the National tournament in New York.  This was my first time on the ice in years, and sitting in those sleds was some of the toughest hockey I think I have ever played.

These kids showed me how much fun they could have playing a sport I knew little about.  Props to them.



This year I created a Warrior team to help raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital at the Warrior Dash in Hastings, MN.  Our name was the Fargo Warriors.  We raised over $2000 with a lot of help from many people and local businesses.

To make this team legit I designed a logo and found a business, Signworks of Fargo, willing to donate shirts with our team info and logos from any company able to raise over $100.

Again I made the haircut challenge to make donating more fun, but this time I used henna tattoos.  The top donor received placement on my head, and the 2nd and 3rd place donors received placement on my shoulders.  They also received placement on our team jerseys.


In 2013 a few friends and I signed up to be St. Jude Warriors at the Hastings, MN Warrior Dash.  This was some of our second year running and we just found out about raising money for St. Jude Children's Hospital.   

To make donating more fun and exciting I made a challenge.  The company, or employees at a company, that donated the most would get their logo shaved on the side of my head across from the St. Jude logo.  Without a lot of time and limited communications we were able to raise just under $1000.  Employees at Forum Communication Printing in Fargo were the top dogs and able to see me run with the FCP logo on my head.

Later Forum Communications Company asked me for the story and printed it in the paper and posted it online on Area Voices.

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